Thursday, October 6, 2011

day 119: spider web plates

halloween serving plate number one :)
day 119 and it's time to play with some plates and porcelain pens.  today's inspiration comes from char at crap i've made who made a really cute spider web plate as a decorative piece.  i thought this was a great idea especially for us new zealanders who can't readily access any halloween decor let alone serving plates!  i pinned the idea to my holiday goodness board :)

you need some porcelain pens and some plain plates, i went with white dinner plates as i plan to serve the party food on them.  then draw away!

the plates and porcelain pens

halloween serving plate two!

halloween serving plate three ... needs a picture, just
wondering what!

outcome: happyish ;)  it's times like these when i wish i could draw like the best of them!  however, they are at least more festive than the plain white plates they were.  i think this is such an awesome idea and i plan to do more plate designs and hopefully improve the drawing along the way :)

my thanks to char at crap i've made for the fantastic idea to stylise your own plates ... perfect way to put your own stamp on your parties and dinning ware :)


Jen W. said...

The drawing part would definitely scare me away but your brooms and web rock!
And I love the pics from yesterday - those skeletons are hilarious!
And let Polly know I haven't forgotten her pictures. The first life jacket we got for Jem was too small so I have to exchange it today. :)

Jenny said...

Your drawing skills look top notch to me :) Love how you've brightened up a plain plate which caan be used over and over again....are you trying any Christmas designs ???

Mal said...

These are great, perfect way to make seasonal serving plates for every season (I keep seeing expensive holiday platters!)

Sewandthecity said...

Very very cool!