Saturday, October 15, 2011

day 128: smurfette's house birthday cake

smurfette in the luscious green grass!
day 128 and we interrupt our halloween month for a very special reason ... pollyanna's birthday cake!  for the last several weeks polly has declared she would like a vanilla cake with strawberry icing on it ... SWEET, nothing hard about that!

then yesterday she decided as she was going to the smurf movie with her friends for her birthday she would actually like smurfette's house as her birthday cake ... something along these lines went through my head #$!@#*#&#&*^&* ... what came out of my mouth was "we will see how we go for time shall we".   when you are having a hard time with your children growing up too fast, sometimes it's hard to crush their confidence in your abilities, i mean honestly who wants to let their children know this early on in their lives mum's and dad's don't know everything.

so to pinterest i went today looking at the AMAZING smurf cakes, thinking #$(*@&(#^$)@ well i have no training in decorating cakes but i own a round tin and a bowl that i can at least make the shapes of smurfette's house with .... good start!  in denial i pinned a comic picture of some smurf houses to my party ideas board so at least i knew what to aim for :)  AND because i know this hot milk cake works so well from making it on day 40 i ended up with two beautiful cakes from which to construct the house.

as for the decorating, i went with the limited icing skills i have and frosted up a storm, added smurfette, some m&m's, a couple of chocolate fingers, and some lego flowers and trees; not to mention some very festive looking coconut grass.

the finished cake

outcome: well the cake was a complete success for pollyanna ... not for me because i thought it didn't look anything like a smurf house!  but for me this cake was all about my little girl and she was stoked, her face says it all!

yes, it was definitely a surprise

she was so so happy

make a wish my seven year old :)

maybe it wasn't perfect but for a seven year old it was a dream come true and thanks to pinterest i know i can at least attempt things without fear :)

happy birthday pollyanna
i am honoured to call you my daughter


Jen W. said...

Awww! That is one gorgeous grin on Pollyanna's face! And I think your cake rocks. The first of many theme cakes to come perhaps?? Big birthday love and hugs for Pollyanna and Jem and Atticus send her big, wet, sloppy doggie kisses!

Nadine said...

WOW, that cake is INSANE! Love it!