Friday, October 14, 2011

day 127: pumpkin seed halloween favours

pumpkin seeds anyone?
day 127 and it's a very quick creation and post today as my sweet little baby girl pollyanna turns seven tomorrow and i have cakes to bake and gifts to wrap ... ok less baby more little girl growing too fast!  today's pinterest creation is from christy robbins blog and is pinned to my holiday goodness board :)  i love that she has turned something that my kids love (orange tic tacs) into a halloween party favour (pumpkin seeds) with a little bit of scrapbook paper and some cute tags.  i think the original idea came from can't stop making things, which is  also where yesterday's party favour (chocolate covered witches warts) also came from!

right, today all you need is orange tic tacs, some halloween paper, and some tags with a splash of ribbon.  i used the hot glue gun to adhere everything and also glued the ribbon under the paper wrap so it wouldn't slide about the place :)

the bits and bobs i used :)

the four step process i used to assemble these babies!

the cute finished product!

outcome: very cool party favour or halloween gift for the peeps to give their friends, something fun and easy to do ... gotta love that on a busy day!

my thanks to christy robbins for her use of the idea and to can't stop making things for the original concept, this is a really nice idea for something simple to gift at halloween with a bit of fun attached :)

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