Saturday, October 29, 2011

day 142: felt pumpkin party game

maybe what it will look like when it's finished!
day 129 and i am inspired to make a game for the littlest peeps coming to the party.  we have 4 little peeps under 4 coming to our halloween party and i wanted to make sure i had a range of games that everyone from the grandies to the littlies could participate in.  i also wanted a couple of age specific games that the peeps could participate in and the rest of us could stand and cheer them along.  today's creation is for the 4 littlest only.

i was inspired for this "game" from the felt pumpkins i saw on kim's blog life of a modern mom.  she is a very talented crafter and has made MANY things i have pinned to my boards, especially crafty halloween stuff!  i pinned the felt pumpkins to my holiday goodness board on pinterest knowing i would use this cool idea in some way!

i grabbed 4 12 x 12" canvases for a local store when they were half price. these canvases the little peeps will attach their pumpkin faces to and i am going to put their names on them so them can bring them out as wall art for future halloweens ... love memory keeping!  unfortunately my little country appears to be going through an orange felt crisis - their is none :(  so for the actual pumpkins i used foam and attached them to the canvases with their names as the peeps starting point for the game.  then i cut out four lots of noses, eyes, and mouths from black sticky back felt.  i plan to put these at one end of the lawn along with some green "hair" (also from sticky back felt) that the peeps will race to get and then come back to their starting point canvas to create a halloween pumpkin face.

the base plate

the attachments :)

outcome: we shall see tomorrow!

my thanks to kim from the blog life of a modern mom for the inspiring idea to have kids making their own pumpkin faces with felt ... much safer than trying to get little peeps to carve out pumpkins!


Jen W. said...

Wonder what happened to all the orange felt??

Hope your party goes well tomorrow. I don't see how it can be anything less than spectacular with all the fabulous goodies and games you've been working on. :)
Ask Pollyanna to please eat an extra witches broomstick for me!

Jenny said...

This game looks just perfect for the little ones...strange about the orange felt!!
Jenny :)