Friday, October 28, 2011

day 141: lollipop spiders

this is one cute spider :)
day 141 and we are back to food again today, lollipop spiders to be precise.  i found these on pinterest and thought they would look so cute all over the food tables walking inbetween the platters of food so pinned them to my holiday goodness board.

these little spiders were made by philippa of house of baby piranha for her kids as a treat for their learning about spiders and they are also a perfect treat (or table decoration!) for halloween.  philippa has heaps of halloween ideas that are really cute, simple, and kid friendly for halloween and you can take a glimpse of these here :)

you need lollipops, 2 googly eyes, glue (i used the hot glue gun), and 2 pipe cleaners for each spider ... it always amazes me how really useful and adaptable pipe cleaners are!  once you have every thing you simply cut the pipe cleaners in half and wrap each pipe cleaner around the lolly stick so its even on each side and then bend at some point to create a knee joint.  repeat for each of the 4 pipe cleaner halves and then hot glue the eyes onto the black pipe cleaner body you have just created ... photographic description below :)

cut two pipe cleaners in half

wrap the pipe cleaner half around the stick
of the lollipop and bend some knees :)

do the same thing with all four half pipe cleaners

they babies need some eyes!

attach eyes and you have a posse/heard/flock/school
of very cute looking spiders :) 

outcome: so cool, easy, FUN to make and because the legs are so different on each spider they all take on their own personality ... the one at the very front of the picture looks very much like he takes after clumsy the smurf!  any way these were a delight to make and i will definitely be making them again for next year's halloween :)

my sincere thanks to philippa of house of baby piranha these were really fun to make and would actually make a fun craft for the kids ... shame i was having so much fun making them i didn't ask the kids to get involved ;)

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Jenny said...

My lad would love these, great idea :)
I made the decision to join Pinterest, you inspired me with all your finds...I'm learning the ropes still as I'm not a computer natural but I clicked your link and am following some of your crafty boards ( at least I think I did, Lol )
Jenny x