Monday, November 7, 2011

day 151: felt gift bags for the christmas tree

individualised treat bags to hang on the tree :)
day 151 and i am into the swing of christmas preparations! a couple of days ago i found these gorgeous gift bags by claraiuribe that go on the christmas tree.  i loved the idea of making some that are individualised for the family here christmas morning.  i actually went to sweet treats to buy some so i could just add some personalised embellishments to them but discovered there were only gift bags adorned with snow ... not so ideal for a summer christmas tree!

so i decided to make some similar to claraiuribe's that i could totally personalise for the family.  i cut up some red felt 3' x 7 1/2', tagged the corners, and then folded them to just below the bevels before stitching up each side.  then the fun part, personalising everybody's gift bag :)

start with felt, my favourite as it doesn't fray!

the cut felt complete with tagged tops

the completed tag, this is for my mum
dianne :)

now to fill these babies ... but it will have to wait until
after no spend november!

outcome:  i  am sure these will look super cute on the christmas tree and such a fun way to give everyone a little something extra, maybe it will be something we can open on christmas eve each year .... oooh a new family tradition could be about to begin ... just what my sweet husband will want to hear ;)

my sincere thanks to claraiuribe for this wonderful inspiration and if you are having a winter christmas, then you can buy her gorgeous tree bags here at sweet treats :)

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Jenny said...

I like these little pockets! great idea for an advent calender too :)
Jenny x