Tuesday, November 8, 2011

day 152: holly decoration

the finished holly decoration
day 152 and the christmas spirit continues today with some felt holly.  this tutorial comes from kirsty of LovePaperFish who blogged about these holly decorations as a guest on bugs and fishes.  they looked so cute and i though would look awesome on the christmas tree so pinned them to my christmas is coming board on pinterest.  kirsty also did a wonderful job on explaining her process (these were developed from scraps of something else she was working on!) making this creation easy to attempt.

i decided to go with a red spot fabric on top and keep the same material on both holly leaves. i also had no felt balls to use as the berries so went with buttons and a bell instead.  apart from those two minor changes, i followed kirsty's tutorial to the letter :)

cut out four holly leaves

then add two fabric tops

sew together with a little stuffing and add some berries :)

outcome:  really cute.  the hardest part of this creation was designing the holly leaf shape, once you have that sorted you are sweet!  i love that it requires just a little stuffing to give it dimension and am sure it will look great on the christmas tree.  hopefully if there is a gentle breeze blowing the bell will toll :)  if you didn't want to attach this to a christmas tree another great place for it would be on a door knob or attached to a gift instead of a bow.

my thanks to kirsty of LovePaperFish who guest blogged on bugs and fishes with this wonderful festive tutorial.  it really was a pleasure to make and one i am sure to repeat again and again.

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