Friday, November 11, 2011

day 155: gift card holders

the finished gift card holders
day 155 and i just can't the christmas bug to disappear ;)  yeah, haven't really tried to be fair!  today i am completely inspired to make kerryanne from shabby art boutique's gift card holders.  they are just so cute and what a wonderful way to personalise a gift card for someone special.  they are part of her simply christmas series, which i am totally enjoying, i am really treasuring all the the home made goodness and spirit her blog is fostering for this holiday season.

the tutorial is superb and really easy to follow and i didn't make any adjustments to her design as their is plenty of room to make these your own with the embellishments you add to each gift card holder.

supplies for four gift card holders

the first sewing is complete and ready to assemble
the pieces together :)

all sewn together and ready to embellish

the embellished card holders :)

a closer look!

outcome:  these were totally addictive, the sewing was not too problematic if you can sew straight lines.  i found it difficult with my more elderly machine doing the final stitching around the edge, but all in all the sewing wasn't too bad.  i will be making many more of these in the future as they are such a great way to give gift cards, much better than a card (unless it's from jen, jenny, or erin those girls are amazing card makers).

thanks SO much to kerryanne from shabby art boutique, these are such a great thing to add to the gifting repertoire!  i am absolutely loving her simply christmas and making my christmas more home made, if you have have a few minutes its worth looking in at :)

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Jen W. said...

These are fabulous! These got me thinking that a fabric pocket on the front of a card might me cool...