Saturday, November 12, 2011

day 156: pocket page mini album

the finished album complete with tags!
day 156 and today i am working with paper to make this really cute mini pocket album by jill a designer for october afternoon.  this pretty little album has been pinned to my paper crafts board on pinterest :)

this album could be a little testing for me as it involves the sewing machine ... yikes.  however i decided to give it a whirl and trust my elderly machine to be able to plough through five sheets of paper without care for tomorrow.  it is possible after i have done this to the sewing machine it won't be fit for sewing tomorrow.

you need 5 sheets of double sided paper cut to 5.5 x 12", a pair of scissors, and a scorer (if you want straight lines and have my ability to create curves out of perfectly straight paper).  the adhering for this mini album is all done with a sewing machine ... i know, amazing right?

all cut to size i am using the the basic grey curio
collection, thank goodness for a scorer ;)

cut the corners off and you are ready for sewing

i did it! i managed to sew an album together without
perforating the entire thing or breaking any needles!

make some tags to insert in your SEWN pockets and you
are done :)

outcome:  this took NO time to make for a mini album that is so cute.  i really loved the october afternoon paper that jill used in her album, really fun and ideal for an album like this.  the basic grey curio paper i used was not bad too and has given it a really vintage feel.  as for the sewing, the album is still together so that's a good sign!  i did have to strengthen the middle seam as i think i had the size of the stitches too small and it started to perforate so the basic grey curio border stickers came to the rescue and provided me with a perfect bind!

reinforced binding :)  just to be sure!

all in all this album is really cute and i am going to buy (in december!) some october afternoon papers so i can make one with pollyanna :)

my sincere thanks to jill, a designer for october afternoon. this is one of those albums that will be perfect for lots of occasions when you have a few photo's you want to pass on to friends and family as a thank you for a special occasion or as a gift for someone else to fill ... for either this little album would be ideal :)

ps: my little dear of a sewing machine hauled like a trooper so i will be able to sew tomorrow should the whim take me ;)


Nadine said...

Well done! You will probably need to replace the needle after all that; might be a bit blunt now. :)

Natalie Caroline said...

What an interesting blog! You must be a very busy one, 365 projects in one year is quite a lot of work. I am sure you are having a lot of fun with it and you are very lucky to have the creative jean!

Jen W. said...

Brilliant idea adding the stickers to the seam for reinforcement! This is such a cute project. Glad your sewing machine survived!

Jenny said...

I like the look of this Kirsty, the papers you chose are just gorgeous! Great job with the sewing're obviously a seamstress...your stitching is immaculate even on paper!
jenny x