Tuesday, November 15, 2011

day 159: christmas pillows

pillow for christmas
day 159 and i am going to do some more preparing for christmas.  the month i spent doing just halloween creations really made me embrace that festive holiday and i loved having all the different decor around the place.  i want to make sure i do the same justice to christmas because it really is just like the song .. "my favourite time of the year".  i thought i would start with my mum's room and create a christmas cover for this pillow (below) that adorns her bed.

my gran made this for her mum, she was VERY talented :)

i feel in love with this design by allisa jacobs on etsy, isn't it cool. if you are not undertaking no spend november you can purchase this gorgeous pillow without the hard work from here. they really do look beautifully made with love and care, as with everything in her etsy store.

as for me, i am going to use the things i have here at home and attempt my own using allisa's inspiration.  i measured the pillow so i could make the slip cover to the right size (as that seemed like the best idea!) then pinned the cushion cover to the size i wanted.  i didn't sew it in place though as i wanted to sew the christmas trees on first before finishing the pillow. also seemed like a good idea ;)  i went with red trees as my mum's room is full of greens and, well, you know the tradition of these two colours and christmas!  i did heat transfer the trees in place with heat'n'bond before sewing around them.  for me this is the easiest way of doing it so nothing moves.

the fabric i grabbed to start this project

 once the trees were in place i finished off the pillow cover just using an envelope style closing so it would slip on and off for the festive season nice and easily :)

trees sewn in place

the finished pillow :)
outcome:  the red trees worked really well in my mums room and i am pretty happy with the design of the tree placement! as always just need to get better at the sewing side :)  not as pretty as the needle work from my sweet gran, but it will put a festive glow in my mum's bedroom.

my sincere thanks to allisa jacobs for the wonderful inspiration i used from her pillows that you can buy from here. allisa also has a blog that has wonderful design inspiration and do-it-yourself decor to ogle over ... i stopped by and forgot to make dinner : )


Jenny said...

This is a great project because they are removeable so you could have a whole season of cushion covers !
I'm gonna want to come and visit you for Christmas when you're finished :)
If only I had the energy you have!!!
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

I want to come and visit with Jenny!!
Love those red trees!!

Natasha in Oz said...

Gosh, you are amazing! I am so impressed with all of these amazing Pinterest creations. These pillows are especially gorgeous!

Thanks so much for adding my Christmas party button to your blog-I really appreciate it!

Best wishes and happy pinning/crafting,