Monday, November 14, 2011

day 158: lemon yoghurt cake

this is just DIVINE, really it was that good. the whole
family oohed and ahhed :) 
day 158 and we need something for the tins this week and we are LIMITED by what's on offer.  luckily the chookies have behaved the last few days and i have an abundance of eggs, their are lemons on the tree, and we have some greek style yoghurt (yeah, that's how we spell it in nz) that needs eating in the next couple of days.  enter pinterest.  when you put in lemon yoghurt/yogurt as a search you are given some delicious options to pin to your boards, in my case my recipe must do's board!

after much ogling at all the yummy looking baking, i decided to go with freutcake's, lemon yoghurt cake.  leah's use of "especially delicious" had me printing the recipe before i even read if i had all the ingredients in stock ... lucky for me we did :)  and to top off a great recipe, this does NOT require heavy machinery either, things are looking decidedly good for this recipe and i haven't even tried it yet :)

see no heavy machinery for this cake!

while the cake is still warm you pour syrup over it ... YUM

gratuitous photo of pretty looking cake
with are beautiful roses ;)

outcome: mmmmmm so very very tasty :) the family adored this loaf and it was way too easy to eat and then eat some more of.  if you are watching what you are eating (insert my name here) as christmas is coming, do not make this cake, it is far too yummy to abstain from.  yeah, it really is that good and WAY  to easy to make, which is just as well because the tins could be bare by tomorrow again :)

my (add entire family) thanks leah from freutcake for this outstanding recipe.  this loaf would make the perfect gift if you can bear to give it away :)


Jen W. said...

Mmmmm... Drool drool.... Those roses are stunning as well!

Jen W. said...

And regarding bling... I love Doodlebug's bling especially their mini jewels sets because they come with 4 sizes of each colour.

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

thanks jen, i only have one size with the ones i purchased and yours seem so much clearer or maybe sharper than the ones i have!

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

pinned, YUM. Love that xmas cushion too