Sunday, November 27, 2011

day 171: a recycled christmas pillow

recycled tee into a christmas pillow :)
day 171 and i am into recycling today.  i am making a christmas pillow for pollyanna out of an old christmas tee shirt she no longer fits.  i got the idea from the quilted blankets i have seen on pinterest that people have made out of their old tee shirts ... aren't they fabulous :) i thought it would be a great idea for the kids christmas tee's but unfortunately most of the designs are top heavy so wouldn't make very "nice" squares!

i decided to use the couple of square ones i did have would make great christmas pillows for the children's bedrooms ... a perfect recycle for some unused items i am not that keen to let go of :)

i used a ruler and a sharpie to square off the design on the front and then cut out the back at the same time so the  pillow back and fronts would match in size.  then it was to the sewing machine for some straight line sewing and the attaching of a couple of ribbons at the back to secure the pillow case in place.

sizing up the tee pattern

a finished pillow in 15 minutes!

doesn't look too bad on her bed either :)

i love the message on this tee, it reminds
me of the sound of music :)

outcome: well this is just a great use for old tees that are still treasured but no longer fit.  i am converted about tee's being the ideal thing to make all sorts of things out of ... it was just SO easy!

my thanks to all those wonderfully creative people who have recycled their old tee's AND then blogged about it so those of us more challenged crafters can find amazing inspiration from you.  my gratitude goes out to you over and over again :)

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Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

very sweet, love an upcycle, not sure too many old tees in my house could be used again!

CraveCute said...

A very cute and useful idea!

Jenny said...

I know I say it everytime but another cracking idea bought to life by your creative hands Kirsty ! Great T-shirt to use too :)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

So cute and goes perfectly with all the other pillows!