Saturday, November 26, 2011

day 170: christmas wall art, reindeer style!

the finished wall art, complete with red nose!
day 170 and one of my favourite parts of christmas are the reindeer ... LOVE the reindeer, always have, even as a child they were the BIG deal for me and i can name them all without fear of failing!  as a child mum would always make sure we left something out for the reindeer just the same as we did for santa.  usually it was a couple of carrots and a water bowl and in the morning we would wake to find chewed up carrot bits about the deck and a water bowl drunk dry ;)  now my children put out a bag of reindeer food (carrots, apples, and oats) and the water and it is they who wake to see what has been left behind by the reindeer.  aahhh, just another reason to love this season.

there seems to be a limited amount of reindeer christmas trinkets for me to buy this december in nz so i am making some of my own this week and, as such, most of this week will be dedicated to reindeer creations here at pinterest 365!  we start today with a piece of wall art for pollyanna's room ... i have a girly girl who LOVES sparkles and animals (especially jen's dogs) so it's lucky we live on a small farm.  needless to say it was the perfect wall art today for her room as it involves reindeer and glitter stickers.

i am using this idea from pinterest to make some wall art using a 4" x 8" canvas and some scrapbook glitter stickers.  i love that the fullstop is a subtle reminder of rudolf and his famous nose!  i can't find a designer for this work but doesn't it make you just go, that' cool .... ok maybe it's just me and my fascination with the reindeer, but i loved it as soon as i saw it and immediately pinned it to my christmas is coming board.  thanks to bless your sweet heart for attaching it to her tumblr account :)

what you need

add reindeer

add red glitter glue

and you have a fine looking piece of wall art!

outcome: AWESOME, it looks fantastic in her room and i am so happy with it i plan to make one for ben's room (even though his is full of santa's not reindeer) and a pillow one for my room when i can buy a new ink well  in december when no spend november is FINALLY over (november and no spending is getter really boring and old now but it has worked absolute wonders).

once again, i extend my sincere thanks to the original designer of this (whoever you are, you are awesome) and to bless your sweet heart for attaching it to her tumblr account so others to love it :)


Jenny said...

Sure does look great Kirsty and these are the sort of decorative pieces that stay in the family because they are unique :) Love the glittery letters and the red spot stop!
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Have I really not visited you since Friday?? Where have the days gone!
The hounds say thanks for the shout out and are keen to meet their #1 fan as they don't seem to think they get enough love around here! LOL!
Love this wall hanging and all it's sparkly goodness!