Wednesday, November 30, 2011

day 174: sparkly reindeer food :)

perfect reindeer food ;)
day 174 and its time to get ready to feed the reindeer ... oh come on, there are only 24 days until christmas, of course it's not too early to get it ready.  actually the reindeer food i am making today are for surprise packages for two deserving families in our nearest town we are going to deliver on the 23rd :)  i digress, onto the creation from pinterest today which is on our best bites, what a cool website full of great ideas and crafts loved spending a LONG while there!  i pinned their reindeer food goody bags to my christmas is coming board :)

the free printable tags for this reindeer food are available to download and print from the tomkat studio, so this creation only takes five minutes to do unless you decide to discuss it with your eager children. when i told my two little peeps what i was up to they decided it needed nutritional merit to it ... WHAT?  when they heard me talking about glitter and sparkle they glossed over THAT part and instead were concentrating on the fact some form of sugars should be added to the mix for sustenance .... REALLY?  i wanted pretty and sparkly, they are tramping kids and were thinking more along trail mix (scroggin) to help the reindeer on their journey ... i had nothing to rebuke this, they won and we ended up settling it by adding sultanas to the mix.

what you need

love how the glitter attached itself to the sultanas!

mixed reindeer food

labelled and ready to go in the gift baskets!

outcome:  we have a sustaining, wholesome reindeer mix that sparkles ... does it get any better than this for reindeer?  i didn't mention the fact next year we would have to get some edible glitter as it is likely that once all little peeps are sleeping i will need to clean up the oats and replace them with carrots so the reindeer don't eat the glitter ;)  told you i had a soft spot for reindeer!!

my thanks to our best bites and the tomkat studio for making today's pinterest creation so very easy to do, the process was a delight, even with the input of my peeps!

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Jen W. said...

Sensible kids you've got there. Can't have the reindeer running out of steam halfway through the trip! :)