Saturday, December 10, 2011

day 184: ribbon christmas trees

the finished ribbon christmas tree :)
day 184 and the weather outside is frightful .... so windy it is making me grumpy!  time to lock myself indoors and make something pretty.  today's pinterest creation can definitely be defined as pretty, the ribbon or paper christmas trees made with polystyrene cones popping up all over pinterest are so beautiful they were on my list of must do's for this festive season.  my sweet friend dee made two a couple of weeks ago (one ribbon and one paper) and hers looked so cool it confirmed my desire to make them!  i pinned two different types of these trees to my christmas is coming board, this one is from polished to perfection and uses paper to make the tree and this one is from whipperberry and uses twisted ribbon to complete the christmas tree.

i thought i would use a combination of both tree types to finish my tree.  i went with ribbon as it was on sale (50c a metre!) but i didn't want to deal with twisting it for my first attempt so i am just going to do straight forward loops.  just a word of warning, when dee made her tree she went through rolls and rolls of ribbon so if you are going to do ribbon make sure you have heaps of it and it's not to expensive ribbon otherwise this project is a costly one :)

to complete this project you need ribbon or paper, pins or hot glue, and a polystyrene cone.  this tree is going to end up in pollyanna's room so i have used the colour palette from her room as opposed to christmas ribbon and it's got a sheen to it ... she's a girly girl.

i found it easiest to make the loops with the hot glue and then attach them all around.  i ended up with three different lengths of ribbon for the loop making: three rows of 4", three rows of 3 1/4", and then three rows of 2 1/2" ribbons before doing the top.

starting out with the hot glueing of the loops

going up!

the finished tree!

and there it sits happily in pollyanna's room :)

outcome:  i love the finished effect. it looks really sweet in polly's room too. actually i love it so much and it was so easy to do, i think i will make 3 red ones for the kitchen!  definitely going to be making a bunch of these over the coming festive seasons, easy and you can totally make them to fit with your decor :)

a big thank you to both whipperberry and polished to perfection for their tutorials.  both had wonderfully handy hints in them, each offering different advice and that really helped.  together these tutorials worked an absolute treat for today's creation.


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