Friday, December 9, 2011

day 183: xmas pudding bean bags

the finished xmas pudding bean bags ... great for tossing,
throwing, warming, and juggling!
day 183 and i am halfway through my 365 days of pinterest creations :)  today's creation was found on pinterest and pinned to my 2011 advent crafts board!

for today's pinterest creation we made these cool xmas pudding bean bags, instructions from activity village.  if you aren't into christmas puds there are plenty of other felt creations and instructions on activity village, which you can link to here :)  we were quite short on time today so rather than showing the peeps how to blanket stitch, we used the sewing machine and also went with some store bought holly to adorn the top of the puddings.  something i have learnt over the last few days of crafting with the peeps is to make things easier (rather than learning intensive) to keep them coming back for more crafty home made goodness!

i used the fiskars circle template to cut my circles out, but
a glass would work just as well :)

sew around the edges leaving a gap to add the fill

i used rice in our beanbags as i thought it would be a great
idea to heat them if it was cold during summer ... teehee!

then finish sewing around the circle once filled, and once
that's done you simply glue some frosting on and a piece
of festive holly ... so cute don't you think!

outcome:  today's projects were a triumph because i have learnt!  i have learnt i love crafting with my peeps and they love crafting with me when the projects are achievable for them.  i have learnt that the peeps have years of learning ahead of them and it doesn't all have to happen right now!  the christmas puds have been tossed EVERYWHERE!  i am having a ball this festive season thanks to pinterest and all the creative goodness it offers, which i otherwise would not have had time to find.  and also thanks to my family who have completely supported me with each day's creating, you guys rock!

and finally thanks to activity village for the awesome tutorial for making christmas pudding bean bags, these have been a huge hit with my peeps!

just a couple of photos of my peeps, we had a fantastic day :)


Jen W. said...

Fab pics of the peeps! Love those red noses and antlers. And the puds are super cute too!

Nadine said...

We're you at the parade? I didn't see you. :(

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

we were there! we were on the national bank float ... where were you guys? i didn't see you either

Jenny said...

mmm these puds look good enough to eat... a fun Christmas project :)
Jenny x

Nadine said...

I was on the 'Waimauku Dance' ute! Got there so late I didn't really see any of the other floats.