Saturday, December 17, 2011

day 191: s'mores caramel popcorn for our polar express sleepover

the festive looking popcorn for the sleepover
day 191 and the peeps are having a sleepover ... 2 friends each for a polar express sleepover!  every good sleepover needs comfort food and their is no better comfort food for movie watching than popcorn.  today's creation goes a little further and puts the s'more into popcorn ... yummo!  this delightful idea is from leigh anne at your homebased mom who was guest posting on thirty handmade days and is pinned to my 2011 advent crafts board.

leigh anne makes her OWN caramel popcorn, i didn't want to go THAT far today so i am using store bought and the other change i am making is actually a fundament to s'mores but not available in nz.  we don't have graham crackers or cereal here so i am omitting that ingredient as well :(  i wish we did have them and i'm not sure what to substitute them with, so luckily we have the popcorn to hold the melted chocolate and marshmellows together!

what you need

lay out the popcorn

top with marshmallows 

drizzle over chocolate

wait for the chocolate to harden, then break into a bowl
and serve to hungry peeps!

outcome:  the peeps and their mates thought it was awesome.  i thought it was really good too until i got a lolly headache from all the sweetness, not complaints from the peeps in this area though ... like i would have got any fessing up about that anyway.  the peeps had a great time with their friends, the popcorn was perfect for the polar express sleepover and that was all that counted!  i had some fruit and felt much better ;)

my thanks to leigh anne from your homebased mom for this cool kid friendly, treat popcorn ... it was perfect for a movie that features lots of hot chocolates!


Nadine said...

I've heard you use digestive biscuits . . Or is it chocolate digestives . . ?

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

thanks nadine, will give it a go! found the strawberries right under the s at the bulk bins at pak'n'save yesterday, you're a star thanks so much for finding them :)

Jen W. said...

How tragic that you don't have graham crackers in nz! Guess you'll all just have to come visit here so we can have some proper s'mores! :)