Saturday, December 24, 2011

day 198: old fashioned honey glaze for the ham

yummo ... talking about the ham but the man is not too bad
day 198 and i am beyond excited ... steve's parents have arrived safely and we are having the best day relaxing, just being together enjoying each other's company.  part of our christmas traditions is to serve up hot glazed ham for dinner on christmas eve with fresh home baked bread, it's something i really look forward to.

today i wanted to find a glaze for the ham on pinterest and try something new ... we usually just glaze it with apricot jam :)  i found this recipe that looked ideal, an old fashioned honey glaze, the pictures from what's cookin chicago looked divine so it was pinned to my christmas is coming board.

we had everything bar the apple juice, so we substituted that for cranberry juice instead.  apart from the juice replacement the rest we did according to the recipe.  it was them into the pizza oven for 2 hours to do its thing.

the mustards (we mised two together to make a dijon whole
grain mustard

rubbed the mustards over the scored ham and then added
the other parts

into the pizza oven it went ...

... we lifted it off the floor so the bottom doesn't burn

the beautifully glazed ham ... honestly it was
soo gooood!

outcome: AMAZING, oh my gosh it was so good i ate too much!  yip christmas has definitely started and i had better start that treadmilling tomorrow if my hot ham eating was anything to go by :)  the glaze was beautiful and i absolutely loved the warmth the mustard provided, so very very good :)

many thank you's to what's cookin chicago, totally inspired recipe they have highlighted from bon appetit :)

see you all tomorrow for the big day, can't wait but that's it for now as i have some serious business to attend to ;)

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