Friday, December 23, 2011

day 197: hot chocolate spoons

hot chocolate spoons :)
day 197 and it's time to relax a little so today's creation is a nice simple one you can do with the peeps :)  these hot chocolate spoons are such a great idea and a really nice gift you can give to friends with a box of hot chocolate i reckon.

this idea is pinned to my christmas is coming board and comes from make'n mold, a great website for making ALL sorts of treats, especially their christmas treats!

all you need are some spoons, chocolate melts, and goodies to add to the melted chocolate.  if you are gifting these it's also a good idea to have some cellophane bags to wrap them in.  once collected melt the chocolate, dip the spoon in, twirl, place on parchment paper, and add some goodies (eg: marshmallows) to the top, and wait for them to set.

what you need for a christmas cocoa night!

swirl spoons in melted chocolate, add marshmallows, let
dry on baking paper :)

happy spoons drying

the finished spoons bar the wrapping :)

outcome:  such a cool gift idea to get the peeps involved in making.  we had heaps of fun making these and they were nice and easy to do this close to christmas when we are all a bit tired ;)

my sincere thanks to make'n mold for inspiring us to make our own hot chocolate spoons, they turned out great and will hopefully be ideal for family to use during a good movie at christmas time!

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