Friday, January 6, 2012

day 211: summer is slipping by and it's time to start some school organising!

getting all these done was a big task!

day 211 and as some of you know i home school my two little peeps ... i love it, didn't think i would, but it is hands down the best decision we have made since having children.  one of the things i LOVE the most about pinterest is the amount and quality of education resources that are pinned every day by so many people.

today's creations are using some of these amazing education finds from pinterest and using them in my home classroom for the coming new school year (school years in nz run from feb to dec to coincide with our summer).

today i concentrated on inspiration for the walls, it's one thing to teach but without the right attitude no learning will take place so i wanted the walls to reflect some of that.  all the below posters are available at the vintage poster.   the posters can even be individualised so i am going to order some personalised posters for my niece and nephew's walls, tidbits that are special and individual to them.  the vintage poster, has awesome designs and its SO cheap to have them printed and sent from her, even internationally!  i also laminated the ones i printed because i love my laminator i want them to last the entire year!  here are some of the inspiring ones i found on the vintage poster

dr seuss was so before his time!
one of my all time favourite inspirations and one of the hardest things to achieve  

every good scientist should have this on their wall!

amazing man, inspiration for my boy peep

the one below is all from ubersuper and will also be heading for my classroom walls :)

Creative Truths
picasso so had it right :)

and stylised by sacremento's children's museum, is this wonderful quote i have printed and will be putting on the wall first, it's my favourite :::

definitely going on the wall
this is why i home school :)

once the walls are painted and the new carpet goes down in the classroom i will be able to get into their and show you where we learn ... our classroom is moving into a new space for this year and i can't wait until the boring stuff is finished so i can decorate!

last three days to add some comments to win the fantastic my memories software, so get commenting my friends!


Robin Yourgrave said...

I really, REALLY love that Picasso quote :)

Jenny said...

OMG I take my hat off to you for home schooling your two, I think it takes a special person to do it!
Look forward to seeing the classroom..oh and that last quote is the best :)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Fabulous quotes! Can't wait to see the classroom when it's done!