Saturday, January 7, 2012

day 212: a bunting for valentines day

so get busy my friends and i will have a winner late tomorrow nz time :)

ready to hang at valentines :)

day 212 and the weather outside is dreadful, it's our wettest summer, bar three, on record ... the up side is there is plenty of time to be creative inside and today i am making a banner in preparation for valentines day :)  i loved this one from the girl creative, especially the fact she used denim as the basis for her flags.  while i won't be using that part for inspiration today, i definitely will use the denim for an easter bunting as it will fit in nicely with the autumn decor i am planning .... planning, she says hopefully ;)

for today's creation i am using a kit from the my memories range called my funny valentine.  i bought it yesterday and downloaded it for making today's bunting.  i thought i would print it out on something different today, i am using canvas sheets that are pre-gessoed and normally used by artists for painting with.  i figured it would have the same look as fabric hanging but, because of the gesso, would still be able to go through the printer ... here's hoping anyway!

the bias binding and canvas i printed on :)

making the flags using the my memories software

i started with the triangles then added some of the embellishments to each triangle before printing them onto the canvas.

the finished flags, printed on canvas :)

then i used the bias binding, pinned all the flags in place and used fabric adhesive to adhere them all together.

the finished bunting for valentines

a close up of the bunting :)

outcome:  happily stoked with the outcome of this little project (especially after an afternoon of painting the new school room).  it was really easy to create on my memories and the printing on canvas is so COOL!  didn't expect that part to work so well and am already busy thinking of all sorts of different projects i can use this new found printing knowledge on ... heehee :)

my sincere thanks to the girl creative, i loved her bunting for valentines day and her instructions about how to create one without sewing will definitely come in handy for those who don't have access to a machine, for example, when your machine is covered in paint drop cloths ;)


Michell said...

That looks so cool. Well done

Jen W. said...

So cute! And what an awesome idea to use the canvas!

sineadc said...

What an amazing idea, never knew you could print like this. Fabulous bunting x