Tuesday, January 10, 2012

day 215: entrance for our school room

the finished entry signage for our school room :) 

day 215 and our classroom is coming along nicely ... taking longer than i hoped but coming along ... good things take time :)  today i found inspiration on my home school projects board, in the form of signage :)  sara at august fields has this great little sign on her door and it got me thinking our little school room needed one too!

her classroom looks amazing, so clean and simple, love all the elements and thought she has put into it, including the signage on the door and the gorgeous bell to greet her children as they go into school.

as we know perfection isn't my strong point and as a silhouette machine hasn't mysteriously fallen into my craft area i went with the laid back approach to letter placing! i did use some liquid chalk (left here by one of my sweetest friends) to make sure i didn't go drastically up hill or down.

the supplies

the blank canvas

our motto ... i put a table cloth up behind the door so i could concentrate without looking at the mess still in the classroom!

can you see all the mess that is yet to be organised and the blank canvas walls and the filling that still needs to be done
... the list is still LONG :) rome wasn't built in a day and neither was my learning environment!

outcome:  the peeps will love it and i already do ... it's not straight laced because that's not us entirely.  we try to have lots of fun in our learning and i wanted our "school signage" to reflect that and the peeps to smile and be proud as they walk through the door into their learning environment.  i think the door says that .. i hope it will to my little learners as well :)

my thanks to sara at august fields for the truly inspiring classroom she has ... i would love to have a space like that, but feel incredibly blessed that at least i get to home school my peeps and have a dedicated space to do it in.  i will probably dream about her teaching space tonight and tuck it away in my dreams for one day.


Jenny said...

Love the font, you did a great job :)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Love those letters. I want to go to your school!