Monday, January 9, 2012

day 214: blackboard

the finished blackboard ... perfect ;)
day 214 and blackboards anywhere, any way seem to be all over pinterest! so i, of course, wanted to have a go and join in on this blackboard craze :)  with a new classroom (an old store room) under decoration, painting a blackboard onto one of the newly painted ivory walls seemed like too good an opportunity not to take up ... and besides it's totally practical for a classroom ;)  i have pinned lots of blackboard ideas to most of my boards on pinterest, and there are several pins we took inspiration from on my home school projects board.

steve went down to the local hardware store and helped me get the right paint, who knew their were choices ... and while i have pinned many "make your own blackboard paint" i am not that confident yet, especially with a project this size!

what we used :)

ready to paint!

steve and i decided we wouldn't be able to make a perfect square ... what that really means is steve is a perfectionist and as he was helping me (the not so perfect) we decided it was better for our marriage to go for something that required a little less precision! so we went the free styler way ... yeah baby!

blackboard paint is so effective and so instant!

we literally rolled out a pattern for the wall!

outcome:  NEW ADDICTION for BOTH of us ... immediately after we had finished steve said to me "don't be surprised if you see blackboard paint on a whole lot of things in the future" ... now i know why so many things had been transformed into blackboards on pinterest!  no other way of describing it, it really is totally awesome and once you start, well ... just warning you :)

my thanks goes to all those lovely fellow addicts that have painted with chalkboard paint and then blogged about it.  all that wonderful inspiration ended up on pinterest and now i am completely obsessed with it myself!


Jen W. said...

If all blackboards were that cool kids might enjoy school a little more!

Robin Yourgrave said...

Do you by chance know how well this paint works on glass?

Jenny said...

Awesome shape blackboard...could you do the fridge with it? no need for magnets then ;)...Lol
Jenny x