Monday, January 23, 2012

day 228: time zone clocks

the world is entering our classroom :)

day 228 and we are back in the classroom today.  i pinned these map and clock ideas from iheart organizing's eldest sons room ... what a great space and i really wanted to re-create some of the effect in our classroom.  the time zone clocks are pinned to my kids bedrooms board.  you will notice i have LOTS of map decor ideas pinned to my kids bedrooms board on pinterest as ben wants a room full of maps and travel when we move :)  

both my peeps love to travel to new places and i wanted to really help pollyanna understand this year how big the world is, but how small it can be.  it is somewhat of a theme for our learning this year as we are doing ancient civilisations, exploring cultures through language, and making the most of the london olympics, not to mention planning a trip to explore more of south east asia ... yes, the world is definitely our focus!

i figured some time zone clocks would be a good addition to the classroom with the maps we already have on the wall.  i went shopping for this project over the weekend and found this COOL clock.  i figured rather than buy multiple clocks this would totally work!

who needs three clocks when you can have one!

then while looking for so cheap canvases for my artist and inventor in focus, i found two awesome canvases that totally sealed the deal with regards to the theme for my classroom walls!

such cool canvases for "our world" themed classroom!

tonight steve and i decided we should carry out this creation and after some debating about how they should be arranged on the wall, we ended up with this layout.

our latest wall in the classroom ... it's getting much closer to being finished :)

outcome: i totally LOVE it!  and when we move i am definitely going to re-create it in ben's room because he is absolutely taken with the canvases and clock ... seriously though, who doesn't need to know the time in london when the olympics are there this year ;)

my sincere gratitute to iheart organising's jen.  she has made the most of her home, the decor is simply beautiful.  it's not the world's biggest home (a lot like mine) but i love how every space is beautifully decorated and organised to make the most of what's on offer.  the wall paints are so vibrant and set the mood for the rest of the room.  needless to say i was so taken with the blog, i became it's latest follower :)


Jen W. said...

That world map canvas is brilliant! Such a cool idea - a very visual way to remember when countries are - this would have been good for me as a kid.

Kara said...

I love the canvas with the words as countries! Too stinkin cute!