Monday, February 6, 2012

day 242: learn to crochet

learning to crochet, the start of my new year's resolution :) 
day 242 and i am starting on one of my new year's resolutions today ... to learn to crochet.  i have been using this crochet lesson from rachel at maybe matilda to learn chain stitching.  my sweet friend dee is the most amazing crocheter and she told me this was the first step to achieving this resolution.  i have wanted to learn to crochet since my second day on pinterest when i saw all the amazing projects people were completing with this wonderful craft!  the tutorial is pinned to my crochet .. my new years resolution board.

i used rachel's tutorial over and over again to practice and i found her combination of photos and words really helpful and easy to follow.  rachel has the whole gamete of how to's for crocheting and she is my number one person to go to for instruction when dee is not sitting next to me on the couch giving me advice ;)

i have been working on my chain stitch so today i could go to my sweet friend dee's to learn some crochet stitches that would help me turn wool into flowers :)  for a beginner to crochet you need some double knit wool and a 3.5mm hook ... well that's what i began with today and had great success using.   the other thing that was highly recommended to me was using metal hooks over plastic as the later break too easily.

what you need, as i mentioned if you only want to begin with one hook grab a 3.5mm one to start with :)
i am on my fourth go round for this flower!

the finished flower, my first ever crochet flower ... yip, just a bit proud of this creation ;)
outcome:  I MADE FLOWERS!  yes indeedy, the chain stitching tutorial has worked wonders and i found learning all the other different types of stitches easier thanks to the practice i had from maybe matilda.  i used her tonight to help me remember some of the stitches i used with dee to finish my large flower which was awesome :)

my sincere thanks to dee, who's patience was incredible and to rachel at maybe matilda, who's tutorials and instructions are so easy to follow.  both these ladies have given me the skills to be able to go forth and crochet ... well with some practice and more coaching anyway! 


Jenny said...

Such a useful skill to have...... That little flower would look pretty on a hair band for Polly :0)
Jenny x

Kara said...

So jealous! I've been dying to relearn crocheting. I'll definitely have to check out that tutorial. :)

Jen W. said...

Whoop whoop for crossing one o the resolutions list! Such a cute little flowe. I may have to give this a try...