Saturday, February 11, 2012

day 247: valentine's decor

some valentine's decor thanks to some chocky hearts and a free vintage printable :)
day 247 and summer is coming to an end in new zealand so i figured some of our current décor could be upgraded to reflect a more valentine's feel around the place :)  i am determined to put more lovin' in my house ... teehee, i'm talking about the décor people ... the décor, come on this is a family show ;)

i found this awesome vintage print to frame and replace the summer subway art i had up.  given i wanted to reuse the blue frame (see below), i needed something with a hint of blue in it but that was also reflective of the season. the vintage postcard from tattered treasures is just perfect. i copied it into a word document and enlarged it to almost an A4 size then printed it out.  the other thing i did for my little valentine's decor was fill a lovely blue heart dish, a very sweet friend of mine gave me for christmas, with red chocolate hearts, keeping in the theme of reds and blues.

the before ....
the after :)
outcome: awesome, love the colours, i have lots of reds about, but i really like the blue accent ... a little untraditional but works really well with everything else going on in my house!  the vintage valentine is so cute i am definitely going to look out for more on pinterest that are allowed to be copied (like this one) to add around the place ... i really like vintage things and holidays, they just seem to go so well together!

my gratitude to nancy at tattered treasures for sharing this gorgeous vintage valentine's postcard AND for allowing us to copy and use it in projects ... very sweet :)

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Kara said...

So cute! I love that and the love printable! They both turned out so cute!