Friday, February 10, 2012

day 246: betty crocker mixes made at home!

the home made betty crocker mix, ready in a jar to gift to my sweetheart :)
day 246 and i am in the swing of all things valentine's at the moment!  i am also on a 17 day diet and don't feel like making too many sweet things for anybody seems as i can't taste test them ;)  i did find a solution to this on pinterest today, home made betty crocker mixes ... SWEET!  much like you do with the cookies in a jar, i figured i could put one of these mixes in a jar and give it to steve as a valentines present ... then i would be giving him the ability to bake biscuits without me having to actually do it .... sneaky aye!

the mix recipes come from fake-it frugal and are pinned to my recipe must do's board.  what a cool website that is, i have spent heaps of time trawling around looking at all the goodness she has to offer!  i made the chocolate chip cookie mix first, then made the oatmeal cookies mix.  i made the oatmeal cookies (steve's fav) as his valentine's gift and put all the ingredients straight into the jar.  i added in dried cherries and chocolate chips to fill the jar AND because i know he loves both those things in his oatmeal cookies :)

the ingredients for both the chocolate chip and oatmeal cookie mixes

all you do is put the ingredients in a container, shake to mix :)

then store them in individual bags for using at a later date, or gift them in jars :)

outcome: well he clearly hasn't got the jar yet, but i know i will score some brownie points with this jar!  it's a definite favourite of his and this present took me ten minutes to make ... seriously, 10 minutes.  there are no excuses for buying betty crocker mixes anymore my friends, this is way too easy.  tomorrow i am going to enlist the help of my peeps and make a whole lot more up to put in the cupboard ready for baking when i am pressed for time ... who am i kidding, every day i am pressed!

my sincere thanks to heather at fake-it frugal, i love when the things i buy at the supermarket to make life easy are even easier when you know the tricks of the trade to be able to make them at home without the huge cost ... LOVE THAT!  thank you so much heather for your awesome blog, fake-it frugal it's a fantastic read :)


Abby said...

They wouldn't last long sitting in my pantry! Saves A LOT of money though, the Betty Crocker ones can be around $5 and don't make much.

Jen W. said...

The cookie mixes are a cute idea but what I really love is that Mr. Strong bag!

Jenny said...

You've still got to be strong and resist tasting when Steve has made them you know!!!! 😉
Great idea .... why should the shops have a monopoly on these quick mixes with all there additives and preservatives in!
Cute Mr Men bag :0)
Jenny x

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

can't leave home without my and little miss bags ... grew up with these little guys and girls and now i am forcing my peeps to love them too ... not that much forcing was needed given how cute they are!