Thursday, February 16, 2012

day 252: key issues

the nail polished keys ... no more guessing for me :)
day 251 and we have lots of keys for our house ... there's front door keys back door keys, shed keys, store room keys and they all look the same, especially to our peeps!  it is very tiresome constantly looking at my keys to find the right one so i am going to use one of the cool ideas i found on pinterest to solve this problem :)

this idea of painting your keys with nail polish i pinned from a day in the life of miss kranz onto my ideas for organisation ... i loved reading that she too got the idea from pinterest!  who ever did this first ... genius.  i am seeing a lot of time in my future simply because my keys have pretty nail polish on them ;) so the family and i are all at the same page with our keys, i did everybodies ... all colour coordinated and finished them off with some hardening top coat nail polish.  i did do both sides of the keys, painted the first side then turned them over and painted the other side.  to make the process a little quicker i used fast drying nail polish!

the before of my keys!
my sweet mum was on hand for photo taking!

outcome: no more having the peeps come with the keys asking which key is for what door, no more stumbling at the door with my packages searching for the right key for the door, no more *&^%&;%^*(% because i got the key choice wrong ... yes, it is fair to say today's creation is going to enhance the quality of my life no end!

my gratitude to miss kranz for finding the initial pin so we could both make our lives less complicated by using nail polish, and, of course, my favourite friend pinterest for always providing me with life simplifying solutions!

 don't forget to keep those comments coming, every comment goes in the draw to win a box of new zealand goodies :) sneak peek number two is coming right up ...


Kara said...

Eek! I need to do this! I only have 2 keys to decide between, but it's still such a challenge some days.

Jenna said...

I love this idea - so simple. I will be doing this over the weekend.

Can't wait to see who wins the prize for your goodies! :)

Meg said...

Love this idea! I've got some glittery nail polish that should look great.

Jenny said...

that's a clever idea....I wonder if Hannah will mind me pinching her nail varnish!! Lol
Jenny x