Sunday, February 19, 2012

day 255: muffin success with cinnamon muffins!

the finished cinnamon muffins :)
day 255 and i have finally had success with muffins for today's creation.  these muffins from king arthur flour are the muffin version of a cinnamon roll/scroll/thing.  has anyone else noticed the HUGE amount of cinnamon thingees rolling around pinterest?  i have so many versions of them pinned to my recipe must do's board i figured i had better get to and make at least one of them :)  i chose the muffin because i am, if nothing else, determined to conquer this humble baked good.

this recipe has layers and requires three bowls for each of the layers.  i followed the recipe exactly except for adding the cinnamon/butterscotch chips ... i couldn't find any so i added 1/2 a teaspoon of extra cinnamon to the batter instead.  apart from that, the recipe requires no heavy machinery and while it is more time consuming than a one bowl wonder because of the layers, i can promise you it's worth it ;)

the bottom and third layer

the middle layer

the topping

these ones had the bottom layer, the middle layer, and then  in the process of putting the third layer
and finally the top layer is added and pressed in.
and finally the finished muffins, complete with a yummy glaze :)  SO very very GOOD!
outcome: when i read the comments on the website for this recipe i felt sure there was going to be some disaster but this was a TOTAL muffin success.  i was so proud of them i felt some for the real estate agents who had an open home at our place today.  even they left a card to say they were "beautiful" ... yes, people i have had a muffin success ... now i can try out jen's pumpkin recipe during autumn without fear :)

my biggest thanks to king arthur flour for providing me with a muffin recipe i could serve up to people without fear of ridicule!  even if we sold our house today, this would still be my one one moment of the day, hey maybe even the week :)


Meg said...

King Arthur Flour's recipes are amazing! Every time I get one of their newsletters with a new recipe, I want to run out and try it. Yum.

Cath said...

they look so yum! I love cinnamon!

Jen W. said...

Whoop whoop for conquering the muffins! :) They really do look super yummy! Must go dig out that pumpkin recipe...

Jenny said...

I love cinnamon and these look yummy..... Interesting way they are made of three layers, never seen muffins made like this before :0)
Jenny x

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