Wednesday, March 28, 2012

day 291: sentimental coin key rings

guess when kirsty was born......
day 291 and i am home ... not yet able to do the creating but i can type!  something i really wanted to do today,  mostly to thank all the lovely people that have commented and sent emails of kindness.  the operation was a huge success and i am on the very speedy recovery to full fitness.  i really wanted to thank you all for your kind thoughts, the support has meant heaps to me AND my family and has lightened our days with something good to focus on.  

my sweet (but hopelessly egg fanatic) has once again come to my aid and done the creating for today.  the nice thing about the last couple of creations is he has gone on my boards and found his own inspiration for the day.  i had completely forgotten about the sentiment coin key rings that were pinned to my general crafts board.  the idea comes from PATS DESIGN on etsy but she takes it a lot further and uses gorgeous personalised stamped copper rounds as well as the american coins.  if i was american, i would head straight to her site where you can purchase them ready personalised and without the need to hunt for the appropriately dated coins!

unfortunately new zealand coins and notes have gone through a number of changes during 1990, 1991 and 2006 with many of the old coins taken out of circulation during 2006.  coming across sentimental coins for steve and my birthdays is therefore a little tricky.  unbeknownst to me, steve has been searching the house, under cushions, in old money boxes, and all over, looking for coins sentimental to me.  he eventually found one from my birth year to begin my sentimental coin collection on a key chain.

the keys, the first of several coins (i hope) to be attached to kirsty's keys.  yes, she LOVES lego :)

safety first,  use a punch to mark coin before drilling
safety first, use grips to hold the coin while drilling

please don't slip please don't slip please don't slip.....

a quick polish to finish off

the flip-side of our old NZ 2 cent coin, the kowhai flower ... see kirsty's keys still have the nail polish from day 252

outcome:  i was very touched when steve came in this evening with today's finished creation, i love it ... and the fact it will be added to when i find more sentimentally dated coins!  i know for sure i will be flipping coins to see their dates now.  and, yes, steve is right with his comments under the photo's, i love lego almost, but not quite, as much as my family ;)  if you didn't have a currency that keeps changing its type, shape, and size these would also make great coffee charms, trinkets on gifts, flower centers, decorated pegs, all sorts of things if your supply of dated coins isn't limited!

my thanks goes to PATS DESIGN for the inspiration for today's creation. it such a fabulous idea that could be adapted for so many project ideas :)  and if you are american you can BUY it ready made ... now that's cool!


Jen W. said...

Yay! So glad you're home and the operation went well! Not long now before you're bounding around like a spring bunny. :)

Love the coin idea and way to go Steve for all the searching!

Hoping the package should arrive any day now... :)

Jenny said...

Whoop whoop your home and back on the ol' blog again :0)
So good to hear you're Recovering so quickly.
Bless Steve for finding a coin with your birth year on, he's a real softie at heart :0)
Jenny x