Thursday, March 29, 2012

day 292: easter decor printable

day 292 and my sweet mum gave me a gift for easter when she got home from work today and it has completely inspired me to do a little bit more easter decor today ... something easy though, does anybody else have days when they just WANT TO SLEEP ... i'm having one of those days when i just can't be bothered :)  days like this are when you need the inspiration to be creative from others and its like i am surrounded by friends and family who give me plenty of it.

the above broken eggs given to me by mum were the perfect start for a little easter vignette in our upstairs lounge.  i then went and asked pollyanna to find her sylvanian family bunnies while i went to work on finding some free easter printables to use from pinterest.  luckily there are plenty on pinterest and many are pinned to my  easter in autumn board.  today i am using a subway art from eighteen25, they design awesome subway art and i have used their's before on p365 for other holiday seasons.

in our upstairs living area we have many white accessories, so i wanted to print the subway art out in black and white to make sure the emphasis was on the egg bowls .... and it was about NOW the printer decided to have a whopping great tantrum and didn't want to print.  steve tried for over an hour to get it fixed but it would not co-operate ... according to steve, the printer and i had a lot in common today : / tomorrow is another day for the finished print to appear

outcome:  i am chuffed :)  i really didn't feel flash today and not creative but i wanted to be able to do pinterest for myself today and i did, i was creative with my little vignette ... and tomorrow it will look even better when the printer WILL co-operate and i might too!  i absolutely love my egg bowls from mum that provided the perfect inspiration ... and you know what, without pinterest i wouldn't have even thought of adding easter decor to the house so i am happy.  might not have finished creating what i wanted to create but i did something thanks to the inspiration of my greatest muse, pinterest :)

when i get my printer and i on the same side, i will be so grateful to eighteen25 for another wonderful subway art that they provide freely to print ... and that's awesome.  


Jen W. said...

Those eggs are gorgeous and cheery! Such a perfect Easter gift. :) Hope the printer cooperates tomorrow and that you're feeling a bit more energetic. Hate those "just want to sleep all day" days.

Jenny said...

I love the bright prints, they look smashing..sorry couldnt resist he he :0)
You listen to your body and sleep if you need to, you've been through a lot lately :0)
Jenny x