Saturday, March 31, 2012

day 294: carrot shaped easter treats

the finished "carrot" easter treats :)
day 294 and the mojo is returning and i am really excited to be back creating now.  today i am going with a carrot shaped theme for easter treats.  i have been salivating at all the treat ideas on pinterest and, in particular, the ones that look so cute in piping bags to form carrot shapes.

these gorgeous waffle cone filled "carrots" are such a cute gift and something nicer than a prepackaged egg as it shows you have put time and effort (which i reckon equals love!) into the gift giving.  the idea comes from the sweetest baker and is pinned to my easter in autumn board.  the other pinterest found idea is from loralee lewis and uses triangle shaped frosting bags filled with goldfish to make some less sugary easter treat carrots!

the nice thing with both these easter treats is they only require putting together and the key ingredient for both is some clear piping/frosting bags, once you have the bags you can let your imagination take over.  we don't have goldfish in new zealand so i am using twisties for the savoury carrots instead .. they are orange and will therefore be perfect!

what you need :)
the savoury carrot version
the finished waffle cone filled candy carrot :)

outcome: AWESOME!  these took me 15 minutes to put five together and that included taking photos :) they can be far more personal and thoughtful than your standard easter egg set and i really appreciate gifts that do that.  so i am hoping the five lovely people who will receive these will also feel that way too.  just need some easter tags (when the printer co-operates) and these are ready to deliver :)

my thanks to the sweetest baker and also loralee lewis for these no fuss, inexpensive easter gifts they have put together and shared that are just so cool :)


Hannah said...

Such a cool idea, I love them :) We call the savoury orange crisps 'Wotsits' here, love the name twisties for them though :)
Great to see you back on top form, busy crafting again :)

Jenny said...

Arr so that's why Hannah told me that Wotsits were called Twisties in New Zealand!! this is a great idea
Have to say I wasn't surprised that goldfish would make a less sugary treat but a little disturbed they should be bagged up for Easter treats!....Lol what a laugh that would be :0)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Super cute idea! Definitely more fun than your standard eggs.