Wednesday, April 4, 2012

day 298: mailed easter eggs

filled, and ready to send in the mail
day 298 and this year the peeps and i are mailing trinkets in plastic eggs to their friends for easter.  every easter saturday we normally have a huge easter egg hunt for the peeps friends and their families but given the lack of time i have had to organise such an event (and the amount of bending involved!) we decided not to do it this year so we needed to come up with something else for them to do for their friends instead.

i saw these mailed plastic easter eggs from giverslog and thought this would be the perfect idea.  the only plastic eggs i could find are really quite small (~2 1/2") so it required some thought as to what we could fill them with.  the idea is pinned to my easter in autumn board on pinterest.

my little plastic eggs
 as the peeps friends have food allergies i also wanted to make all the items inside inedible.  i came up with minifig lego characters (we unwrapped them so we could fit them in, money, hair accessories, marbles, lip gloss, erasers, book marks, bouncy balls, chicks (of course, given it's easter!), mini toys, plastic jewels, and other bits and pieces that would fit in the tight space :)

the various goodies

once they were stuffed full we closed them up, taped around the join and wrote the addresses on with a permanent marker.

the filled plastic eggs

almost ready to send, filled to the brim with lots of inedible trinkets :)

outcome:  i haven't posted them yet so i am intrigued as to what each one will cost!  i was amazed at how much we could fit in these little eggs ... i am going with the "its the thought that counts" on this gifting as they really are just little trinkets polly and i collected over the last day!  still its a great idea and given most peeps rarely find anything in the mail for them, bar birthdays, i am hoping the fact it turns up by postie will add to this little novelty :)

my thanks goes to giverslog for this great posting idea ... i have used her bottle in the mail idea several times over the last half year and only one of them has ever failed to turn up, so lets hope all the eggs make it safely!  

4 comments: said...

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Kara said...

Oh my, I'm totally sending these to my old roommates when I get off work today. Thanks girl!

Jen W. said...

Such a cute idea and how fun to find one in the mailbox. :)

Jenny said...

Brilliant idea and certainly different to find one of these bright eggs in the mail.....not sure our postal system would cope with this idea...they'd probably go AWOL!!!
Jenny x