Tuesday, April 3, 2012

day 297: easter brownie

easter brownie
day 297 and i am back in the kitchen baking up a creation today, easter brownies :)  i got this inspiration from bake it in a cake, brownies dotted with mini easter eggs!  it is pinned to my easter in autumn board on pinterest.

i am using the brownie mix i made for yesterday's p365 creation, wanted to try it out and see how it went before making any more of it for gifting ... seemed like a wise idea ;)  this is a really easy concept, but one i never would have thought to do.  you simply make up your favourite brownie mix and then just before it heads into the oven you dot it with mini candy coated easter eggs.  cool aye :)

whisk up the mix with eggs, oil, and vanilla essence 

before putting in the oven dot with mini eggs

the baked brownie
the brownie complete with gooey mini eggs ... yummo :)

outcome:  so funny, steve said it looked like the sweet version of a foccacia bread!  ben said it looked like a bomb field, as all the mini easter eggs have completely disappeared into the brownie.  the good news is, it tastes awesome!  it may look odd but the gooey chocolate eggs dotted around the brownie give it outstanding texture and taste :)

my thanks to bake it in a cake for providing me with this great inspiration to turn an everyday brownie into something far more appropriate for easter sweet treats!


Kara said...

Oh yum! We might have to throw some mini eggs into our next batch of brownies. Sounds so great!

Jen W. said...

Oh my yumminess!!! I've decided I can never come and visit you guys because with all the goodies you make I'd leave about 300lbs heavier!! :) Hugs to you all and sloppy kisses from the boys (the furry boys that is, not Luis!)

Jenny said...

Oh wow this has to be the closest thing to chocolate heaven!!!
I'm with Steve on it looking like focaccia bread and I'd rather eggs than olives anyday too :0)
Jenny x