Wednesday, April 11, 2012

day 305: roasted cabbage with gorganzola

roasted cabbage with gorganzola
day 305 and the wind has finally arrived this afternoon, but so did the rain ... so no kite flying yet! it really is a true autumnal day, so it made me put the salad items back in the fridge and dig out some vegies that could be heated.  all i had was cabbage, which was destined to be a coleslaw, carrots, and potatoes.  hardly inspiring so i went to my recipe must do's board on pinterest to find some inspiration and there it was, roasted cabbage!  really, you can roast cabbage? who knew, not me!  this had me intrigued and as the recipe also involved using gorganzola (a favourite of mine) i was totally hooked on trying this recipe today :)

sheena of the little red house gives you great advice on why cabbages are such a cool food and why they are so healthy, especially purple/red ones ... i was sold, so will buy the more antioxidant rich, happy coloured purple ones from now on!

the recipe is a simple one that will take 10 minutes of prep and 30ish minutes cooking time ... awesome ;)  perfect for weeknight dinners in my house when i am always tired by the time i come to whip up dinner with little thought until opening the fridge and freezer expecting a dinner to transform in front of my eyes.  it never does, but this is my life 90% of evenings ... definitely need to work on some organisation in this area, i may head to pinterest later this evening to find some ideas!

the ingredients

chop up thick chunks of the cabbage, and apply oil, salt, and pepper

roast in the oven, then chunk over the gorganzola

the finished roasted cabbage :)

outcome:  YU-UM!  sooo much better than steamed or sautéed cabbage.  this will definitely be a go-to for week night dinners, especially now i know the beneficial antioxidants of the humble cabbage.  even the peeps loved the change in cabbage ... and when the peeps enjoy a new variation on a vegetable, you know the recipe's a keeper ;)

my thanks to sheena of the little red house for enlightening me with regards to the virtues of cabbage! she has an amazing blog with heaps of recipes using whole foods so i will definitely be back to try more wholesome (and not so) recipes in the very near future :)


Jen W. said...

Looks yummy I must say but no gorgonzola for me...

Jenny said...

I'm wiling to try roast cabbage.....not top of my favourite veg list otherwise! Funny how different cooking methods make veg taste so different :0)
Jenny x