Sunday, June 3, 2012

day 358: cosmo cricket gift box

the finished gift box
day 358 and i am counting down and starting to get excited about the impending 365th day that is only a week away now!  it was a stunning winters day here and i spent most of it drinking coffee and hanging out with the family.

so it wasn't until this evening for pinterest 365, i made gift boxes from the cosmo cricket blog.  they are so cute and this tutorial comes with a video to help you out with the folds.  the tutorial is also pinned to my gift wrapping and gift ideas board on pinterest.

the complete bag is made from a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock.  i made mine with a patterned piece that was double sided so it would look good inside and out.  the actual bag doesn't require any adhesive but it does make it sturdier.  as these are going to be one of the 20ish crafts i am providing at a certain party in seven days time, i decided to go without the little topper and just use ribbon to bring the top together.  i love how the box becomes like the shape of a house once the ribbon is secured!

there are four score lines to make this box

once i had done all the folds, i did use tape in these places to secure it together a little better

hopefully the pocky gives you an idea of how big these are inside ;)

the finished gift box

love how it makes the shape of a house when it's all secured together!

outcome:  definitely a great gift box, nice and sturdy for heavier items as well. at the party the makers of these sweet little gift boxes are going to put cookies in them to take home.  this little box could be filled with all sorts of lovely things and image how cool they would be for halloween or christmas goodies!

my thanks to cosmo cricket for the awesome tutorial, never would have got the folds without the video, but that made it so easy thankfully!


Jutta said...

that came out so beautifully! really gorgeous
hugs to you

Stephanie Carlson said...

How clever! I know this is something I'll be using many times. Thank you for sharing!

Jenny said...

The shape is just so cute and love how they fold with no stuck seam on the bottom!
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

These are fabulous and I love how you used the ric rac for the bow. :)