Thursday, April 26, 2012

day 320: altered letters

the finished altered tintin letters, ben LOVES these :)
day 320 and it's a short post today :)  HOCKEY TOOK OVER!  it's 7.30pm and i have just started on my pinterest creation.  on my general crafts board was a "pimped" letter using the page of a story. the idea comes from notbyamber and is listed on the made it australian handmade market.  such a cool site and i love her letters which are alpha based in terms of their picture book pages.

this had me thinking ... ben has a double up of one of his tintin books, he also has a couple of décor letters (his initials) in his room that were just asking to be altered ... letters + tintin book = a happy mummy as she can pimp his letters to add to his tintin/travel themed room!  music was literally singing in my head as i thought about this idea becoming reality :)

below is a pictorial illustration of the process i used to make ben's new tintin letters:

firstly place the letter on the book page so you make the most of the pictures underneath, then trace around the letter

then cut out the letter with scissors and/or a stanley knife

ink around the edges so you don't have that sharp, homemade cut look and also really important if you are using dark letters like i have.  this is so the edges blend in and you have a more finished, seamless look to your letter.

next glue the book page to the letter, i used mod podge because it dries without bubbling and is also a clear glue when dry :)

then let dry and you are good to say this altered project is done!

outcome: AWESOME and, given that i started these half an hour ago, not too labour intensive either.  BEN loves them and they have added a real personality to his room with the rest of the travel and tintin bits hanging around in their ... plus the lego!

my thanks to notbyamber for this fantastic idea.  if you don't need personalised letters for a particular theme, you can buy your own letters from notbyamber that are brilliantly monogrammed with book pages using the actual letter as the basis of the book page added .. very cool!


Jen W. said...

Now those are cool! Awesome decor piece! My brother and I used to love Tintin books (and Asterix ones as well - does Ben like those?)

Pam Fields said...

These turned out great!

Jenny said...

Love how you can really personalise an already personal item!! (if you know what I mean).
My bruv was into Tin Tin... I just loved snowy :0)
Jenny x