Tuesday, May 1, 2012

day 325: creamy crockpot apple oatmeal

delicious, crockpot apple oatmeal :)
day 325 and the temperatures and definitely dropping as we head towards winter.  i figured a wholesome warm afternoon tea was in order for the peeps AND i wanted to try this recipe from stephanie.  stephanie is responsible for the blog crockpot 365 ... such a good idea to do something for 365 day don't you think ;)  this recipe is pinned to my recipe must do's board on pinterest.

this recipe is so cool, you gather up the the six ingredients and pop them in the crockpot, stir briefly, and walk away for about 1 and 1/2 hours.  i LOVE baking that doesn't need you to be there in the kitchen.  i went for a walk on the treadmill will the baking was taking place in the crockpot.  because i am a slightly impatient person with two peeps who think they will expire if not feed regularly, i went with the high setting.  if cooking on low, the oatmeal will take 2-3 hours instead.

the ingredients

the preparation ... and cooking :)

the finished, gobbled up oatmeal :)

outcome:  YUM~!  seriously good and the peeps LOVED it.  it was all gone in less than 15 minutes, hungry little munchkins that thought hot oatmeal on a cool autumn afternoon was a sensational idea :)  and the best part is, i get all the credit without doing anything laborious!!!

big thanks to stephanie from crockpot 365 for this awesome recipe.  if i get steve to put this on when he leaves for work in the morning, the peeps and i will get up to a very delicious breakfast, hot breakfast during those cold days in winter ... really good idea aye honey ;)


Jen W. said...

That would be heaven to wake up to! Must get Atticus and Jem on the case...

Stephanie O'Dea said...

Kirsty, what a neat project you're doing! Posting daily is such an accomplishment---- it takes a lot of time to search for what you're going to do, take photos, upload them and write. And you're in the home stretch, congratulations!

I'm thrilled you enjoyed the oatmeal. Best of luck to you in the next 40 days! oxxo steph

Jenny said...

This looks like comfort food with a capital 'C' :0)
Jenny x

Abbi Jordan said...

Yummy this is looking very testy.nice post..
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