Monday, May 21, 2012

day 345: feltie owl friend

meet oscar owl

day 345 and i have reached the mystical realms of having a blog that has had so many repins i am now considered spam .... THANK YOU to you all for repinning!  and as soon as pinterest take me off their spam list you will continue to be able to repin.  at the moment i can't even repin my creations to my 365 board, i am hoping they will get it sorted before 365 days are up :)

on with today's creation, yes i am back to the felt and sewing.  you know when you have really enjoyed or are so happy with a project you have completed you want to keep doing it?  that's where i am at with felting at the moment, i am loving the little trinkets i have made from felt over the last week or so and just want to keep making more.  this cute little owl spoke to me and i figured as polly had a babushka or two recently join her in her bedroom ben could do with a new friend too ... i am thinking oscar is a name that will stick with this wee owl.

the owl tutorial comes from home life, a great website out of australia for home d├ęcor.  the tutorial is also pinned to my sewing diy board on pinterest.  good news for those of us who can't draw, the tutorial also comes with a printable template ... yippeee

start with some felt and fabric scraps

do a whole lot of cutting

an hour and a half later you have a fine looking oscar owl :)

outcome:  cute ... took a little while with to come together with all the hand sewing but it was definitely satisfying once oscar was all put together :)  the pattern was easy to follow along with the template and i plan to take some time (once i find some!) to look around home life and find other projects to fill our home with :)

my thanks to home life for the tutorial and all the good advice that was incorporated into it.  i love when something you see turns out just as well in reality!


Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

I think your posts are just getting better each day, love your little butterflies and owl. Love the way you give everything a go. That porridge sounds good.

Jenny said...

That made me laugh that you're considered spam!!!!
I bet Ben loves this little guy, it's so quick and satisfying working with felt :0)
Jenny x

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

you are way too kind kirsty .... it's still exciting to me though even after almost a year!

I KNOW jenny, imagine me being SPAM ;)

Jen W. said...

How exciting to attain spam status! LOL! Bet that has't happened to too many people. :)

Love this little owl. So cute and cheery! How's he getting on with the Lego peeps in Ben's room?