Thursday, May 24, 2012

day 348: cake box cookies

strawberry cookies
day 348 and it's a busy, busy day in our household .... lots on, lots of errands, lots of hockey, and somewhere in there are hours of learning for the peeps!  luckily, the peeps are always keen to get their work done on a thursday as we have hockey practice and get to see their friends ... somehow they think if they do their work fast hockey practice will  come sooner (yeah, i'm not going to tell them any different!).

i manage both the peeps hockey teams and we always put on afternoon tea if one of the team is having a birthday during the week.  today we have a special little person's birthday to celebrate and i wanted to try a new recipe to feed the masses ... but it had to be quick and easy, cake box cookies seem to fill those requirements~!

the ones i found on pinterest come from taste and tell blog and are strawberry cake mix cookies.  i need some pink sweets to take to a breast cancer fundraiser on sunday so figured a group of 30 peeps were bound to tell me if they were ok to bake for others or not :)  nothing like having a research group on hand to taste test new recipes.  while i was at it, i figured i would also try the vanilla cake mix and throw in some chocolate chips to see if this type of cookie would also be approved by the test team ;).

first up, the strawberry cake mix was mixed with eggs, oil, and coconut then teaspooned onto a cookie sheet.

the ingredients

sweet and delicious :)

second on the baking agenda was a vanilla cake mix that had eggs, oil, and chocolate chips mixed together before being spooned onto a baking sheet and slid into the oven for ten minutes.


the final cookie ... really good :)
outcome:  they were gone ... not in 60 seconds but very close :)  peeps all loved them, the strawberry ones are more of an acquired taste, toffee sweet, but still good. my favourites were the vanilla chocolate chip ones because i don't have the biggest sweet tooth, it's growing after the last 300+ days though ;)

my thanks to taste and tell for testing the recipes taking the risk out of trying them for such a large research group who were bound to be vocal on their opinions re: new baking!  i will be back to recreate many more of the successful recipes from taste and tell with pleasure.


Jenny said...

mmmm I just know the chic chip ones would go first in this household!!!! Probably quicker than I could make them too :0)
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Yummo! Those choc chip ones look super good. I'd try the strawberry ones but minus the coconut... Do they come out cakey or crisp? It's a cool idea kind of like making muffin tops instead of whole muffins. :)