Friday, May 25, 2012

day 349: crocheted may roses

a may rose complete with leaves ... yip, i even got game enough to hook up some leaves :)
day 349 and i am sitting at home with a bit of time to play with crochet hooks and yarn ... ahh, the joy of having time to play and try something new.  i found these may roses on pinterest from attic 24 and desperately wanted to have a go at them today.  the roses are also pinned to my crochet board on pinterest.

i have fallen in love with attic 24 and her gorgeous, amazing, stunning crochet designs ... the colours are just so cool!  any ho, the other wonderful thing about her patterns was the stitch descriptions at the top of her tutorial ... lo-ve! for every stitch i knew exactly what i was supposed to be doing.  so off i went with my hook and yarn, a cup of coffee at my side, attic 24 in front of me and i spent the evening crocheting and i didn't yell once ... didn't even throw the hook in despair.  and a may rose i did create.

this evenings happy place ;)

it looked right and i was starting to believe!

it even twirled around like it was supposed to ... my only issue was the flash backlash!

pride in the finished product!

outcome:  after today's endeavours i am really starting to love crochet.  its been a rocky start and a long road of learning stitches but today i got it so much better and really enjoyed seeing my flower take shape ... insert little face of pride ;)

my sincere thanks to the lovely lucy of attic 24 for making my crocheting world a much happier, stressful place ... love her designs and i will be trying SO many more of them :)

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Jen W. said...

That rose is so cute! You go girl! You really are rockin' the crochet!