Saturday, April 20, 2013

HB Day 4: Garden Veggie Markers

It's been raining ... All day here! This is quite exciting for us as the Hawkes Bay has been without substantial rain for almost six months. A drought was declared weeks ago so rain for the farmers is like gold raining from the sky. However, it did come with some cool air and left us hovering around the fire :)

I decided Pinterest creations were going to happen around the fire today, in particular, the creating of some garden markers. I am close to several rivers that are currently full of rocks and no water so making rock ones seemed like a logical choice.  I really liked the stone markers from homestead survival blog.  Unfortunately the actual blog no longer exists but the inspiring pictures of their veggie markers do!  The picture of them is on my Outdoor Spaces board on Pinterest.

I painted all the rocks a cream colour so they really stand out in the garden and don't get lost in the soil.  It was the perfect project to do in front of the fire as the rocks dried really quickly after I cleaned them and by the time I had painted the last rock cream the first one was dry and ready to decorate with sharpies!  I am hoping the sharpies will stand the test of the outdoor environment and last so they can be used over and over again.  Before I put them out tomorrow I think I will give them a coat of polyurethane to add an extra layer of protection.

All the rocks were labeled with the details because we planted several different varieties of a number of vegetables.  I figured at the end of each varieties cropping we could keep the rocks of the prolific veggies and toss those that didn't grow so well!  Hopefully over time we will end up with a collection of rocks that are the tried and true varieties :)  you can tell I am a novice veggie gardener because I so full of hope for bumper crops!

Thank you homestead survival blog for your cool idea for veggie markers it was the perfect inspiration for today's project!

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Jenny said...

These are cool, I've seen the idea on Pinterest too but its fun to see your own artwork :0) Love the handwriting and colourful veggie pictures.
Yay for rain too can't grow anything without it!!
Jenny x