Friday, April 19, 2013

HB Day 3: Seed Organisation

Seed Organisation for the novice gardener!

I'm a girl that likes organisation, in fact, I thrive on it. If its not organised, chaos rules and I get overwhelmed and find it too hard to get anything done! I figured if I have to charged with all things garden while my sweet my is in Singapore I am going to have to have the planting and seeds organised otherwise it just won't get done! If the seeds are sitting in a box they will probably be forgotten and I will have to spend extra money on getting seedlings as opposed to planting my own.

Thank heavens bhg have a great idea that will solve my organisational issues AND remind me when seeds need to be planted!  I love the idea of having ribbons hanging for each month of the year pegged with the seeds that need to be planted then .... what a cool idea and such a pretty way to organise them too!  The bhg idea is also pinned to my Outdoor Spaces board on Pinterest.  We do have a potting shed out the back, it needs some work, A LOT of work and you will see it next week as the overhaul on it begins.  In the meantime I have hung my handy dandy seed ribbons inside the back door.


This is a great project if you are a wannabe gardener but have limited knowledge on planting times.  It also uses everyday items that can be quickly put together to organise the seeds, something I am really appreciating at the moment :)  The hardest part of this project was reading the back of the seed packets and then assigning them to their appropriate month!  Most of the seeds had multiple months on them so I just attached the seed pack to the first month that germination could be done and figured
I could move the seed packet over to the next month once I had done the first planting ... sounds good in theory anyway ;)

Thanks to bhg for making this novice garden much more organised and if anyone comes over they'll think I am SO green fingered ... I won't tell if you don't!

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Jenny said...

It's fun to see your planting planner.... of course it's topsy turvey to ours :0) Great visual guide so everyone feels involved .
Jenny x