Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It's nice to be BACK

St Hilda's Orphanage
So we are back, we have moved, and we are excited to share our journey of settling into our new house and region with you here.  We have moved from one side of the North Island to the other to be closer to family.  We also had another motive and that was to work towards a better lifestyle, more time, more space, less hustle, less stress, more fun and relaxation ... We can only but try ;)

 We have been very blessed with finding the right home on the market when we were needing to buy!  It turns out it is nothing like what we intended to buy but when everybody loves it and you can't imagine another house matching it ... well ... who are we to argue with fate!  The house was originally built as an orphanage in 1894 and is nestled in a gorgeous little village.  It is known as St Hilda's and its latest reinvention was as an art gallery with a live-in artist.  Brian Looker, does gorgeous work and we made sure a piece of his art was part of the settlement so the house would continue to have a part of its most current history.

It's had a lot of love over the years and it still needs some more.  It needs completely rewiring and, thanks to toughened insurance policies, all the scrim removed.  Apart from that the rest of the house has stood the test of time and just needs modifying to meet the needs of our family.  As many of you know I live in an extended family situation with my husband Steve, two peeps Benjamin and Pollyanna, my sweet mum Dianne, and our black cat Cookie.  The peeps are home schooled and we love having family, friends, and extras to stay and this house caters for all of that and more.  It has five bedrooms, a lounge, family room, and an open plan dining and kitchen.  Did I say how grateful this house was on the market just when we needed it?!?

You can see why we need rewiring!

To make things just a little complicated, we have decided to wait to move our furniture in until all the scrim is removed, the electrics have been renewed, and the house has been carpeted.  So we are currently camping in one room of the house ... literally.  That means the early days of pinteresting this 365 days will include a lot of outdoor activities, ideas that will help our current living situation, and things that I am using with regards to the peeps education! 

There are only two photos because i am technically inept and cant figure out how to add photos and scroll from my ipad to my blog ... i will work on my ineptness over this afternoon and see if i cant figure it out for tomorrows posting so you can see the progress!! All my posts are being done on my iPad, which I don't really know how to use!  Hoping that as we gradually get all our belongings out of the storage unit, the computer will turn up sooner rather than later to making blogging SO much easier!  


Jenny said...

Love the new house Kirsty... what we've seen of it so far.
There is an app called Blogsy which is great for blogging from your iPad and allows you to add photos that are in your camera roll on the iPad too. Give it a try, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it with lots of in app tutorials to help :0)
Looking forward to the adventure with you all.. I've told Hannah you are posting again!!
Jenny x

Jen W. said...

Kirsty, the new house looks gorgeous!!! I'm so excited for you guys and to hear about all the work you'll be doing. :) What an adventure!!

By the way, what's scrim?

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

Thanks guys, its so nice to be back ... You guys have been BUSY .... Guess that happens when you go camping for months on end and have very limited access to the net!!!

Kirsty, New Zealand said...

Scrim is like a hessian, burlap fabric they used to put on the walls in the 1900s to attach wallpaper to!! Apparently it burns REALLY well in a fire, hence, the insurance company's desire to get rid of it from the house :o)