Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photos of the Project!

Thanks to some very sound advice (thanks Jenny!) I am making progress on adding photos to my blog more easily using my iPad ... I know it's shocking that I am this technically poor but I really am! Any ho, below are some of the house and also a map that shows our move from Auckland to the Hawkes Bay. The piece of artwork was done by Brian Looker, the artist we purchased the Orphanage from and was the piece i asked to be left behind as part of the chattels. its Autumn in New Zealand so the trees are slowly losing there leaves which is a shame because they look so pretty at the moment! Later today I will post the first of 365 Pinterest inspired projects for this year!


Jen W. said...

What would we do without Jenny huh? :D The grounds look amazing - I'll bet Ben and Polly have been having a blast exploring! So excited for you guys! Hugs to all!

Jenny said...

So glad I was able to help Kirsty :0)
You've got a fantastic place there and the garden looks like it's been well tended which is a bonus if the house needs attention too!!
Love the piece of artwork..... My Mum still has her triangular measuring cone like that :0)
Jenny x