Monday, June 20, 2011

day eleven: barbie sleeping bags

sleeping bags for barbie, ken, and kellie!
day eleven has come with monday madness and a barbie and ken that are off tramping.  i hear you ask, why are barbie and ken off tramping in the middle of winter ... well ... their house is currently a little overcrowded and they need a break away ;)
two little visitors in the third storey bedroom

they do look comfy don't you think!
yes, we have two new kittens who have claimed a room in pollyanna's barbie house and, as such, bedrooms are at a premium!  i did suggest to my sweet daughter we could move the kittens out of barbies house, but she was adamant barbie and ken needed to go tramping for exercise.  however, there was only one problem, being a tramper herself, pollyanna was most concerned they didn't have packs or sleeping bags .... and now you see why day eleven's p365 pinterest challenge are barbie sleeping bags!

okay, after doing a search on sleeping bags for these dolls, i found a great site called mama smiles and pinned these very cute sleeping bags to my general crafts board on pinterest.  we used the barbie and ken dolls to measure the length and width of the bags and found you can make two "adult" sleeping bags and two "child" sleeping bags out  of a fat of quilting material. ... mine are not fleece lined because in new zealand we only tramp in warm weather conditions and i have no side opening for mine because that all seemed a little unnecessary to put my sewing ability through! i did add some american crafts camping ribbon across the top for whimsy, a button and a ribbon loop so they could be rolled up for carrying (very important when you need to take them tramping!) and they were good to go!

a well sorted family ready to tramp :)
... well after i cut up two unused rain ponchos and made ken and barbies some tramping packs!

outcome: if your barbie, ken, and kellie dolls need sleeping bags, i can happily recommend the above pattern, it is low fuss, EASY sewing, in fact, the hardest part will be sewing the button on ... and really, you only need to do the button thing if your barbie family are travellers :)

my sincere thanks goes to mama smiles who, thankfully, had to make barbie sleeping bags before i did and, as such, provided a great template for those of us who have since had to follow down the path of providing our children with pint sized sleeping bags for their barbies

photo fun challenge day six: books
what is currently sitting next to me bed to read :)


MaryAnne said...

Those wee kittens are darling! I love your idea of creating from pinterest!

Your barbie sleeping bags are lovely - I especially like that you made one for Kellie as well as Ken and Barbie =)

Anonymous said...

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sleeping bag said...

That being said, I found a sale and splurged and got my elder grandson an adult size down sleeping bag for his upcoming 10th birthday. It's a tall size (his dad is over 6 feet) and I will tie the bottom off to the appropriate length with a piece of cord. Hopefully it will last through his teen years or longer!

Mary E said...

Where is the Barbie sleeping bag template and instructions I can’t find them on here. Then went to mama smoked and hers do t look like yours with e tra long beck for pillow look . Thank you

Mary E said...