Sunday, August 18, 2013

Its been a while .... :o)

Yes, its definitely been a while.  I discovered much to my horror organising a home schooling household, renovating an old orphanage, sorting building contractors, painting, adapting to a new life in a new part of the country all while camping in your new house with all your household effects in storage for months was ... well ... exhausting!  As a result the HB edition of Pinterest 365 and all other creating, blog hopping, and general downtime went out the window while the renovations took place.  It was disappointing to fail after such a spectacular win with the first 365 days of Pinterest Creations but that is life and that's ok.

Tiong Bahru, Singapore ... the view from my sisters home :)
We moved our household items into the house on the 12th July, exactly three months after taking possession.  Its not finished completely but it is coming along nicely :o)  Three days after "moving in" properly the kids and I left for Auckland and landed in Singapore later that week!  We are still in Singapore spending some quality time with my sister and her peeps ... its been amazing and rejuvenating all at the same time.  In two weeks time we head back to New Zealand after being here for six weeks just in time for Spring to start and a home warming party to happen.

The pair of sneakers that started the new 365 day goal!
 I have put my time to good use over here and found my mojo again, especially for a personal goal that has been hanging around for years.  It's another 365 day project but this time it's very personal and something I have now found the energy and belief in myself to do it and succeed at it.  It all started with a pair of sneakers and some advice from one of my sisters dear friends Caryn.  If you are interested I have started a new blog for this journey and really want to encourage others to come join me, start a blog of your own and get a fitness or health goal that meets your needs for the next 365 days!  I figure that way we can all inspire each other to keep going :o)

I will be back posting on this blog ... my first, my baby ... in a couple of weeks time when I return to New Zealand.  I have missed my Pinterest creating and now with the major renovating work complete it is time to start the decorating and turn the orphanage into a home!  I won't be posting daily projects anymore but there will be a couple a week and plenty of recipes I will try and want to share as well. 

Thanks for all the lovely feedback over the last several years ... it means so much, its been highly motivating, and I have met the most wonderful people from around the world because of this blog ... I have been so lucky, so a heartfelt thank you to you all xx