Monday, October 24, 2011

day 137: witches broomsticks

witches broomsticks ... apologies for the poor camera work ... it was late in the day!
day 137 and its witches broomsticks today.  i am absolutely loving all the things that you can eat and make halloween icons out of so easily!  today's is no different.  today's inspiration comes from the make and takes website and is pinned to my holiday goodness board.  again its easy and only requires two ingredients!

you need the mini pretzel sticks and mini reeces peanut butter cups.  you simply use something sharp to create a hole in the bottom of the peanut butter cup then insert the pretzel into it.  and that is it, you are done!

the bits and bobs required

use something sharp to make a hole in the bottom of the
peanut butter cup

insert the broom handle ;)

broomsticks ready to fly!

outcome: they may be easy but don't they look so neat and perfect for halloween!  another short and sweet entry for pinterest 365 today, just like todays creation ;)

my thanks to the make and takes website for this awesome halloween idea. i imagine these would be perfect for giving out during trick or treating as well as providing sustenance for a halloween party that is getting really close! 


Jen W. said...

I keep wondering how you're going to top yourself each day but you are clearly having no trouble! :) These are brilliant - I will definitely be trying these. :)

Jenny said...

Now these are really clever, never heard of peanut butter cups tho...a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it!!
I think you're gonna have the best Halloween party ever :)
Jenny x

Development Team of Regarding Nannies said...

So awesome! We will be sharing these with our readers tomorrow on Regarding Nannies! The nannies and kids will love doing these!

controlling craziness said...

What a neat idea. Would be great for a witch themed halloween activity or trunk or treat. I've blogged about it and other halloween themed desserts here:
Thanks for sharing your creativity.

Carol Call said...

I tried and loved them!