Monday, April 30, 2012

day 324: popsicle stick bird feeders

happiness is a bird feeder made with a little peeps hands :)  she also took the photo ;)
day 324 and we are well and truly back into the swing of being at school.  today polly's art project came from pinterest!  she had to make a bird feeder out of popsicle sticks.  art is polly's favourite subject and i use pinterest ALL the time to find new and different creative projects for her to tackle.

today's project comes from tonya staab, who used the bird feeders as a craft at her x-treme craft party for 4 and 5 year olds ... brave woman!  it is pinned to my home school projects board on pinterest.  the party tonya hosted looked so amazing i also also pinned it to my party ideas board ... in my wildest dreams i would host such a party, but that's what pinterest is about, right? dreams and ideas to hope for in the future !?!?  any ho, even if you don't want to make a bird feeder, check out the post to see the party :)

for today's creation you will need 50 popsicle sticks, glue, and some twine.  we altered from the actual instructions and didn't use the tongue depressor sticks as i couldn't find any, instead using two popsicle sticks together.  you will also need something to feed the birds with once the project is finished :)  polly was very enthusiast as she took on this task, and as you will see in the photos the concentration levels were very high ... yes that tongue remained out during the entire project~!

what you need

look at the concentration ... ;)

that tongue hanging out is clearly important to the whole artist process :)

so she didn't have to thread the twine through i made sure it was put through and then the popsicle stick was glued on top to make it easier for her

pollyanna's goodies for the birds

filling the new bird feeder

big brother checking out the progress of the completed bird feeder, hung and ready for the native birds!

outcome:  she was one happy little lady with her bird feeder!  and so she should be, it is really neat and not too difficult a project to take on by herself.  pollyanna really appreciated being able to do it independently as she was really proud of the bird feeder she had "made my(her)self".  the birds i am sure will be gathering to give it a go too, especially with the fruit and nut mix polly put inside ... actually made me a little hungry ;)

my thanks to tonya staab for this wonderful craft that peeps can take on and do themselves.  i love it when polly takes on a project and shas such satisfaction at the end, knowing she was able to achieve it under her own steam :)  i shall definitely be back looking for more inspiration from tonya, who is clearly one very talented lady.


Jen W. said...

Polly, your bird feeder is brilliant and all your birds are going to be very fat and happy with all those treats! :)

Jenny said...

What an excellent project Polly, I'd love to know what comes into the garden to visit for a tasty snack :0)
The stacked lolly sticks are such a great design ....many moons ago my brother made a taller version with pieces of doweling as a plant pot holder for a Mothers Day Present :0)
Jenny x

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

To go even further, check out the birdhouse/with popsicle swing hanging underneath! For when the seeds and nuts fall, they can gather!! Soooo adorable, like yours! :)

KillerHeelsComfort said...

Love the bird feeder - but it won't work in my backyard, it will be overrun by squirrels & the birds get zip! I have my birdfeeder hung on a fishing line filament run between the ledge of a second floor window & a tree. The squirrels climb the tree & fling themselves at the bird feeder ten feet away & miss so they gave up.