Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Ben and Polly started some hands-on research today.  Ben's computer skills are really good and he has done a number of research projects that have required him to use the computer.  He needs typing skills (term 4 for both kids), but generally he knows his way round the computer pretty well for an 8 year old.  Pollyanna, on the other hand, has very limited skills in this area, so today was her first time using the computer as a research tool.  She did really well and typed in the two questions she wanted to answer and then I helped her read the information she found so she could determine what information was important to her.  For a first attempt she did really well.  While Polly was on the computer, Ben was using his vast reading skills and using the index in the library books we had on space to help him answer a couple of his questions.  The kids had a very productive morning researching :)

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